Fitness With Miranda

Exercise Just Got A Lot More Fun!

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Fitness With Miranda

Exercise Just Got A Lot More Fun!

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I specifically help women of all ages, abilities, body shapes, personalities and fitness levels work out on their terms with low-impact, music-driven and non-intimidating exercise classes.

Does the thought of joining a fitness class make you feel nervous?
Ever felt so unfit or ‘unco’ that you’ll never be able to keep up?
Do you ever feel like you just don’t belong in certain classes?

Trying to find the perfect fitness class can seem like a bit of a minefield because they rarely feel like they were designed with your needs in mind. Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself the kind of class you need doesn’t actually exist – because finding a class that’s fun, safe and effective can feel like an impossible task.

You know exercise is important but maybe it feels more like an obligation, rather than something you look forward to. Maybe you’ve been injured one too many times and you’re terrified exercise is going to make it worse. Or maybe you enjoy the feelings exercise gives you, but you’re struggling to find a class where you feel comfortable, or even like you truly belong.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a class where you knew exactly what to expect and had the confidence your body would support you through it? Where keeping up and getting the moves perfect was the last thing on your mind? Where the focus was on having fun and giving you the energy to keep coming back again and again? 

That’s Where I Come In

I’m on a mission to build a community of like-minded women who want a fun and relaxed environment to find their flow, move their bodies and be their authentic selves.


” loved the class!! I felt so welcome and everyone was lovely.”

Joan S

” I just can’t recommend Fitness with Miranda and the Zumba Gold classes highly enough! I started last year and although I didn’t know anyone Miranda was so welcoming and I quickly felt very relaxed.”

Cathy B

” I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will definitely be back.”

Anne T

Tips on “How To Get More Confidence to attend a Group Fitness Class”

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